About Bounty Global

Why should you use Bounty Global to host your token bounties?

Our mission is to connect blockchain projects with real users. We believe there is a better way to gain support for projects and reward users using tokens than the industry norm. A more fair and effective way where tokens are only distributed to real users who support and help grow your project.

1. Instant campaign launch with real active users.

Based on our past cases, a project can usually get more than 10,000 and even up to 50,000 real users within a week by using Bounty.Global. This effectiveness is because our system design. We are focused on only rewarding real users who contribute, and we do this using our system’s advanced algorithms. This, along with our many other verification and security methods, protects every bounty from spam accounts, so that rewards are only distributed to those who deserve it.

Our system, combined with our large user base and traffic (Over 7 million PV in August 2018), makes Bounty.Global the best real user acquisition and user engagement system for blockchain projects in the world.

2. Your users promote your project for you, as it should be.

Because of Bounty.Global’s system design and effectiveness in real user acquisition, during your campaign you will come across many different users from all around the world who take a great interest in your project. These users, fueled also with the content creation tasks in Bounty Global, will generate lots of quality UGC such as Telegram stickers, Tweets, Reddit Posts, YouTube videos and much more to share their passion. All you need to do is to guide them using our Approval Feature, making both user acquisition and community engagement easier than ever before.

3.  Build strong communities across all platforms

With traditional airdrop and bounty methods, you may only be able to focus on growing a certain platform, such as Telegram. In Bounty Global, we support not only Telegram but also Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube. In the future, more platforms like Medium and Facebook will also be supported, so you can grow all aspects of your project community easily in one spot.

Why should you join the bounties on Bounty Global?

At Bounty Global, we work directly with blockchain/ ICO projects. All bounties are exclusive on our website, and thus you cannot find them anywhere else, such as on Bitcointalk or other airdrop/bounty platforms.

1. Real and trustworthy

For every project we work with, we do comprehensive research on its team background, funding, whitepaper, etc. Only real and valuable projects are authorized to use our system to host their bounties. After all, we care deeply about our users.

2. Unlimited token reward

Unlike traditional airdrops/bounties, you get free tokens in Bounty Global bounties by first connecting your social media accounts and then completing the daily and campaign tasks. Your final award is determined by how many contributions you’ve done for the community during the whole bounty period. Thus, you could earn thousands of free tokens or more!

3. 100% Distribution

If you participated in some airdrops/bounties from other platforms before, sometimes your tokens may not have been distributed. This WILL NEVER happen on Bounty Global. After each campaign, we send clear instructions of how to withdraw your tokens. If you have followed the instructions, you’ll receive your expected reward 100%.